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The volume cage is suitable for transporting tents, sleeping bags and other oblong dry bags on a fork while cycling.
The essence of the cage is not in the additional weight that it can pile up, but in the fact that it is convenient to fix and transport a larger (compared to standard cages) volume.
  • On the slots in the wings, you can mount a pump or something else. The cage comes with a pair of flat head bolts. 
  • Slings can be passed through the holes in the bottom, if necessary.
Prices and equipment
50 usd.:
Available colors:
  • Black
  • Aluminum (clear anodized)
  • Aluminum
  • Anodizing
  • Weight 160 grams
  • Dimensions in projection 110 x 250 mm
  • Maximum recommended load 2.5 kg
  • There are several spacers included in the kit, for laying between the cage and the fork and aligning the plane of the cagemounting on curved forks
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