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We create our own design handlebar top caps, and this utilitarian bike part automatically turns into an accessory that can be a nice gift for yourself or someone else.


The caps are CNC machined, anodized and engraved at various factories in Russia and designed for 1 1/8' stems.

We remind you that the main task of the top cap is to adjust the headset bearings, and not to hold the stem on the stem.

Tighten wisely! 1.5 Nm - the maximum effort that is needed on the steering

Link to gallery

If there are no marks near the cap, it means that it is available and in the color as shown.

If the cap you like is out of stock right now, write to us, we will think of something
Prices and equipment
15 usd.:  topcap + bolt* (steel, black) + bolt (stainless steel, light) 

usd.: topcap + bolt (titanium, black)

The cost of collab caps differs usually from our own caps

By default, top caps come in a nice box.
But if you are thinking about reducing harm to the planet, say so when ordering, we will not pack them in a box.
It's going to go to the trash anyway. 

*The black bolt is hardened and strong, but the material can rust over time! Behind this, they added a stainless steel bolt
Additional options
By default, we make thin black top caps.
However, you have the option to choose options:
  • Cap of increased thickness
  • Available color
The cost of each additional option:
5 usd.
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