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Not enough of our ideas and inscriptions?)
You can order top caps with an individual design: for your bike, or as a gift
Prices and equipment
33 usd.:  topcap + bolt* (steel, black) + bolt (stainless steel, light) 

30 usd
.:  topcap + bolt (titanium, black)

By default, top caps come in a nice box.
But if you are thinking about reducing harm to the planet, say so when ordering, we will not pack them in a box.

*Black bolt is hardened and  may rust over time. We recommend the titanium bolt option. If you don't have it 
Additional options
By default, we make thin black top caps.
However, you have the option to choose options:
  • Cap of increased thickness
  • Available color
The cost of each additional option:
5 usd.
Production time
Up to two weeks. Almost always faster.
batch production
If you would like to order a small batch of caps for your local cycling club, event or something like that, then write to us.
We love being a part of the movement.
The cost of a batch is calculated individually, but the price for a cap will definitely be less than piece orders
Download template
For the drawing, we definitely need a vector file according to the template below.
If you want to put only text on the cap, then just write to us, you do not need to draw on the template (Unless, of course, you want to).
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